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Small Fandom Big Bang Art: Sense8

Title: Millennium
Artist: emisolde
Author: little_huntress
Fandom: Sense8
Characters/Pairings: Lito Rodriguez/Hernando
Rating/Category: PG/Romance (fic: NC-17)
Warnings none for the art, it's pure fluff, but the fic contains homophobia & swearing
Summary: Lito Rodriguez, Mexico's favorite movie and telenova superstar live a double life. One where he's the hero and the other where he's barely existing. Upon meeting Hernando, a man who immediately takes his breath away he must face the way he's been living so far, having to decide between his lie and the truth, which for once is much better than any lie could ever be.

Link to fic master post: [it's not posted yet, but I'll update with a link as soon as possible!]

cover image at what I think should be a reasonable size?

& bigger with what should be a link to the frankly ridiculous full size version, i.e. the A5 size I drew at, in case you want to look at it in extreme detail, I guess?

I am actually really quite chuffed with how this turned out! So I hope you all - especially little_huntress! - like it too :D I admit though, I agonised for aaaaages over the image because as I read the fic for the first time, this was the picture that immediately popped into my head and just stuck, but I couldn't decide whether to stick with it or illustrate an actual scene from the fic. But in the end I decided I had to go with my gut and the one image that wouldn't disappear, because for me this is what came to mind? I DUNNO I HOPE YOU THINK IT WORKS??? I wanted to keep it minimal because I thought that suited the fic - I did start colouring it, but it just wasn't working for me as a cover for this fic? I brought in a bit of block shading to make it pop a bit more though, and to up the sort of book/comic cover feel I was going for :)

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Small Fandom Big Bang Art: Eagle of the Ninth (a murder mystery!)

Title: Death comes to Noviomagus Reginorum
Artist: emisolde
Author: bunn
Fandom: Eagle of the Ninth
Characters/Pairings: Cottia
Rating/Category: G/Gen
Warnings: blood (but not realistic)
Fic Summary: Sixty years after the Eagle of the Ninth, Cottia still lives on the farm in the Downs that she, Marcus and Esca set up together. Britain is in confusion after four years of civil war across the Empire. The great house of Placidus backed the wrong imperial claimant, and now young Servius Placidus, the last of a long line, is on the run from the newly-established Emperor Severus's revenge. Then one of Severus's men is found dead....

I'm afraid Marcus and Esca are dead by this time, as you might expect, but this story does not cover their deaths.

Link to fic: masterpost on LJ | on AO3

title banner (at a reasonable size):

title banner (at a ridic huge size - it should link to the full size - because wow I have no control and I'm not sure how much detail is really visible on the smaller one?)

And I have some other bits and pieces that the internet is currently not letting me upload (it took long enough to get these up -_-) but I will keep trying and update this post asap! :)

Fanmix: you make the world seem small (Daphne/Cho)

This is the post I mentioned earlier today! I meant to post it, y'know, way back when, but now will have to do! :D Anyway, this is my first properly finished mix so that's exciting, I guess? I have loads of notes to myself (all compiled into a legit pretty photoshop file) about the characters and their personalities and what they might be like together and their relationship progression, but I won't bore you with that. Of course, if you do want more info or my thoughts or just to discuss/argue it with me that's totally cool and I'd love to hear your opinions and shriek about mine, as always ♥ To me, this mix kicks off somewhere around Harry's fifth year, after Cedric's been killed by Voldemort and Cho is having to deal (and not getting anywhere near enough credit for how strong she is) and follows them through school and the war and on into their post-Hogwarts lives (when they adorably flat-share ok), with each song being more from one of their POVs, but obviously it can tell any story you like!

Anyway, I hope you all - ESPECIALLY YOU nearlyconscious 8D - enjoy this mix for two cute girlfriends!

(Putting this up has been such a weird flashback to my music library like two years ago, wow)

Oh, and Daphne here is Dree Hemingway, with Liu Wen as Cho Chang. And the weird 90s-esque mixtape aesthetic was 100% necessary, obviously. Title from Radical Face's The Moon is Down (even though that track isn't in the mix...?). Let me know if anyone wants a tumblr post to reblog - I haven't posted it to my blog yet but I will if anyone wants, hahahaha :D

you make the world seem small  | Daphne Greengrass/Cho Chang [Harry Potter]
for nearlyconscious

someone's waiting for you - becky taylor | slow and steady - of monsters and men | if i fell - evan rachel wood | one and only - adele | 22 - taylor swift | on the way down - ryan cabrera | the reason why - the click five | for the longest time - zhané | your hand in mine - explosions in the sky | barricade - courage my love | we found each other in the dark - city and colour | keep holding on - avril lavigne | long live - taylor swift

listen on 8tracks
ezra standish

*rises from the depths like a kraken*

HELLO EVERYONE! Yes, this is me, reappearing after a freaking two-year (well, almost) absence!

First I've got to say that I am super sorry to have just up and VANISHED like that - I don't actually remember if there was a specific reason or something that happened, but since then I have been super busy with various things so just kept putting off logging on here (you know how it is, right) and then eventually missed all this so much I DID log on and realised it had been SO RIDICULOUSLY LONG like wow I'm so sorry?!?!?!

Anyway, I've got a post planned for later today but, in the mean time, what exciting news do I have?

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That's enough of a catch-up for now, though! I'm more interested in knowing how all of you have been getting on! <3 SORRY AGAIN FOR DISAPPEARING, I DIDN'T EVER FORGET ANY OF YOUUUUUU, I'M JUST HOPELESS :D

ALIVE, WHAT? And also Cotton Candy Bingo, yisssssss

Sorry for not being around, guys - I'm still not around really. Life is happening, you know the feeling, and I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists/hands which is keeping me away from the internet, like, a lot. I'll hopefully be able to give you a proper update soon! Unfortunately, after having a - *gasp* - productive day, I'm kind of really super sleepy so I'm going to sign off again already. Sorry, my lovelies!

I've been meaning to post this for ages - it's been getting buried in my email so bad, omg. Anyway, another prompt table! My first bingo table, in fact! :D :D :D And are we shocked that I'm going for Cotton Candy Bingo (on dreamwidth), i.e. the FLUFFIEST POSSIBLE OMG I LOVE IT ♥


Rainbow Injury Fun Remedy / Cure Astrology
Sharing body heat "I love you" Unicorns Head Glitter / Sparkles
Too cold / hot Pick-up line WILD CARD Awkward moment Engaged / Betrothed (or equivalent)
Secret Shouldn't work, but does Blowing dandelion seeds Naked / Vulnerable Fairy tale
Cloth / Fabric Protect Hiding the hickeys Post-It/Sticky Notes "Made this for you"

I'm not sure what to fill this with - I'm even semi-tempted by doing it with original fic, what what. Otherwise, like, Hogwarts founders or Skyrim or Tamora Pierce or Dragon Age or just, y'know, ANYTHING OMG ANYTHING. Thoughts? (I'm suddenly really excited by the prospect of Skyrim???? Hmmm)

(like okay even thinking about 'Warhorse' fic ahahahahaha whhhhaaaaaat)

OH AND A SHOUT-OUT TO MY DARLIN' seriesfive whose birthday was on 17 March - she's greaaaaaaaat and I'M SORRY I MISSED WISHING YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥ ♥ ILU LOTS BB~

ohhh also i have a thing to upload soon that i keep forgetting i haven't shown you guys! lol, idk if most of you will care but it's a pressie for nearlyconscious to FINALLY thank her for the FREAKING FABULOUS Bellatrix/Roddy art she drew me! Isn't it just LOVELY, I can't even?? So in exchange she gets some cuuuuuute femslash that I hope she'll like XD I tried something a bit different and then got WAY TOO SUPER SUPER OVERINVOLVED IN IT, but I really like the result actually, so I can't wait to show you! But I actually want to be awake and functioning so ~next time, sweethearts~~~~
surprisingly amicable divorce

Dragon Age Big Bang Art Masterpost: Balance Sundered

balance sundered
Story Masterpost: Balance Sundered | Fic on tumblr: Balance Sundered
Written and illustrated as part of the 2012-13 Dragon Age Big Bang

Another big bang, and this was just as much fun as the last! Being partnered with avril for this has been great - they're darling and I could not be happier to have been able to illustrate their fic! It's tragic and beautiful and just omg Roslyn and Sebastian are amazingly cute considering they really dislike each other when they first meet! ♥ And her portrayal of Anders - bitter and desperate and driven by his utter disenchantment - tugged at pretty much every heartstring I have ;__; GO READ IT, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT, I SWEAR.

(Look, I even went and hunted down an icon with Seb and Anders in it! Then saved it under "surprisingly amicable divorce" because, uh, i am overtired or something? BUT. Regardless, APPROPRIATE.)

There's definitely more stuff to come in this post; if nothing else, I've fallen in love with the Warden, Roslyn Cousland, and I can't wait to play more in avril's sandbox! I have ~plans, oh yes.

But for now! On with the art!


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Post currently under construction - LJ is eating pictures as fast as I upload them, or not letting me upload at all. I think I got the banner working, but I wanted to get this post up for linking purposes, then I'll keep battling with the rest :3 Links to story above won't work yet because said posts couldn't be made without this one!
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Ficlet: A Little Night Music (Godric/Salazar)

Title: A Little Night Music
Fandom: Harry Potter 
Characters/Pairing: Godric Gryffindor/Salazar Slytherin [uni!au]
Rating: PG, U, the lowest, lol.
Word Count: ~1,020
Prompt: 'a little night music' from rarepair_shorts; no. 1 in my prompt table!
Summary: Salazar Slytherin has three great nemeses, and their names are Rowena Ravenclaw, dry gin, and George Michael.
Author's Notes: No warnings, hurrah! After the sad G/S I wrote before, I wanted something upbeat - and I wanted to actually make a start on this uni au (and my prompt table)! They're all Muggles, no wizards exist, it's the modern day, and everything's ridiculous. They're students! (Should that be a warning in itself?)
Disclaimer: Still not JK Rowling. If only. ;__; (No, but seriously, no copyright infringement meant, and no money is being earned from this self-indulgently stupid au, or my obsession with the Hogwarts founders)

Oh! And this video is the compulsory soundtrack for this fic! (You have to share in Salazar's pain) ♥

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lucius malfoy

Ficlet: The Porch Swing at Dawn (Godric/Salazar)

Title: The Porch Swing at Dawn
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairing Godric Gryffindor/Salazar Slytherin
Rating PG, U, the lowest, lol.
Word Count 664
Prompt technically inspired by the rarepair_shorts prompt 'the porch swing at dawn' (hence the title) but I don't know whether I really want to include it in my prompt table. Really, I want to use that for the uni-AU I want to write for the boys. So. For now, it's just going here. Maybe I'll change my mind and slot it into the table later :)
Summary Sometimes, if Godric closes his eyes and wishes hard enough, he can fix everything. It's harder to wish with his eyes open.

Author's Notes No warnings, just angst, angst, angst. I've been on a senses kick recently, and I basically wrote this to play with that - the characters were almost secondary, lol. Except then it was Godric and Salazar and just MY BBYS NO PLZ WHY. ;__; And it possibly sounds super-pretentious? Idek. I can't tell any more. Oh, also, my precious darlings, I know I have been away fo ages, so I bring you fic as an apology. I did have a good reason for being away though, I promise, but this isn't really the place for that, lol
Disclaimer: In an announcement that I'm sure will shock you all, I must reveal that I am not actually JK Rowling. I know many of you have been labouring under this illusion for some time now, and I never should have let it go on this long, but I've finally got the courage together to end it. (No, but seriously, no copyright infringement meant, and no money is being earned from this self-indulgent sad!Godric, or my obsession with the Hogwarts founders)

I hope at least someone enjoys this!  ♥

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Mass Effect Big Bang Art Masterpost: Coming Around

beanbunny cover
Story Masterpost:  Coming Around
Written and illustrated as part of the 2012 Mass Effect Big Bang

As promised - admittedly a day late due to us missing each other's last minute emails and both of us genuinely managing to fall asleep on our laptops, ahahahaha - this is the masterpost of the art I produced for bean_bunny's fantastic fic, Coming Around. I cannot tell you enough how brilliant it is! It's lovely, and believable, and touching, and just so, I don't know, gentle. Really, definitely worth reading!

I'm so glad that I got to work with Bean for this, she's been a wonderful partner (not to mention very patient with me as the art kept getting delayed...) and her story is adorable. Set during ME2, the female crew of the Normandy SR-2 start having 'girl nights' - and a reluctant Shepard is dragged into it as well. It's about the camaraderie of the crew members; it's about all of them, particularly Shepard, remembering what it's like to have a life outside of a suicide mission to save the galaxy; it's about making friends. Oh, and Shep and Garrus get a bit closer as well~ ♥

So thank you, Bean, darling, for letting me play with your story, and I hope you like the art you inspired! Honestly, there were so many scenes I wanted to draw - I even have a load of abandoned sketches that I'm planning to make a little more presentable at least :3

Bigger cover:
beanbunny coverbig

Over the course of the fic, it felt like Tali and Garrus were the characters whose bond with Shep was the most special, so I wanted a cover that showed that.

More art to be added - and possibly even more after that, haha. You know, sketches and stuff. But for now, that's it! Hope you enjoy, and I'd love to know what you think~ ♥